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Exp Trading

Exp Trading

Exp Trading is a quantitative trading consultancy providing services to buy-side and sell-side algorithmic trading teams. We can deliver end-to-end trading services for new markets, or provide specific consultation on areas outside the core expertise of your team so you can focus on your edge.

Our services include:

Quantitative Research

  • New market analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Strategy research
    • End-to-end alpha generation
    • Regular observations and ideas
    • Multi-timescale and multi-strategy (HFT to long-term investment)

Implementation Design

  • Software engineering design
  • SDLC development
  • Networking design

Quantitative Development

  • Strategy implementation
  • Pricing models
  • Statistical model
  • Machine learning


  • Independent external strategy validation, backtesting, simulation, and rating
  • Live strategy performance reviews and implementation shortfall analysis
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