quantitative trading consultancy

We help you find and implement your edge

End-to-end quantiative trading consultancy, from resarch, to model selection, to implementation.

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Who we are

Your quantiative trading partner

We provide research, data, design, validation, and development services so you can focus on your edge.

Data and Research

We source and clean data, provide targeted quantiative research and statistical analysis, and deliver thematic macro research tailored to your use case


We design, test, and validate strategies on your behalf. Whether greenfield ideas from our researchers, or independent validation of your existing edge.


We build and implement your strategy - whether end-to-end or a single component. We build ML models, pricing libraries, custom OMS or full trading systems.

How we're different

One-stop shop for quantitative services

We can provide services that slot into your existing team to reduce your time-to-market for new strategies and play to your strengths. Whether you are looking for new research and ideas, or a full implementation and testing team, we can support you.
Defi and crypto

CeFi, DeFi & Smart Contracts

We help you develop the tools you need to gather data, find your edge, launch your project, or expand your market.
building your edge

How we deliver results

We provide end-to-end services to build, enhance, and entrench your edge and maxiimise your risk adjusted PnL over the long-term.

Data sourcing

We find, collect, and clean differentiated data from a variety of sources to inform your strategies.

Signal Building

We link disparate data sources into coherent predictive signals.

Model Building

We build models - from statistical methods, econometrics, machine learning, or ensembles.

Backtesting and Assurance

We backtest and analyse strategy performance, or provide independent assurance and validation of your own strategies.


We implement strategies, infrastructure, and networking globally to ensure optimal performance and resilience.

Ongoing Validation

We monitor and manage trading operations to provide continual improvements to strategy and infrastructure, and manage risk.

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What clients are saying

We work with companies across the buy-side, from proprietary trading firms, to asset managers, to hedge funds.

“[Exp Trading provided] exceptional, stand-out research which led to a highly successful strategy”

Quant Trader
“Exp Trading rapidly solved our data analysis pipeline issues, saving us time and money - I would highly recommend them.”

Director, Data Science

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